Frequently Asked Questions – MIT Entrepreneurship Online Bootcamp


This program is ideal for individuals and teams who wish to pressure test an idea or simply learn the process for doing so in the future. The MIT Bootcamp online is appropriate for those:

  • On the cusp of starting your own business.
  • Who are already a co-founder of a startup venture.
  • Who lead, or aspire to lead, new ventures at an established enterprise.

For those who come to Bootcamp with an idea, you will have an opportunity to present your idea, garner support, and potentially organize a team around your idea should it be chosen to move ahead after the group voting. MIT Bootcamp is an accelerated dive into what entrepreneurship is all about -- from generating ideas to identifying ideal customers to launching a startup.

Yes, it should help determine if the entrepreneurial path is right for you. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone, and the MIT Bootcamp in particular is intense, but this 8 week program will give you a taste of drinking from the fire hose of entrepreneurship.

Yes, based on feedback from the first cohort of MIT Bootcamp online, we have added a Solo Track option. This option ensures that your IP will stay confidential between you and your MIT coaches only. The Solo Track option is also appropriate for business owners/founders who want to focus intently on their business and benefit from personalized coaching from MIT coaches who have launched successful startups.

Yes, Bootcampers have identified cofounders and launched many different startups from the Bootcamps. During the first three years of the residential Bootcamp programs, graduates raised over $70M in funding for ventures launched directly from Bootcamp. More broadly across the MIT ecosystem, MIT graduates have started over 33,000 active companies that generate over $1.2 trillion in annual revenue and employ over 3.3 million people, making MIT the 10th largest economy in the world.

We expect many of you in the online Bootcamp will conceptualize and launch startups, identify cofounders, and identify funding options.

This is a certificate program from MIT. Upon completion of the program, you will receive a digital certificate of completion from MIT. This program also contributes towards 7.2 Continuing Education Credits at MIT. More details can be seen here:

One big benefit of this program is having access to MIT faculty through live webinars with Q&A. Because the MIT classroom is global, we schedule webinars at times when participants from most of the world would be able to join in live - usually between 8am and 10 am EST. However, if you are not able to join live, all sessions are recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience.

No, there are no prerequisites for this program - only a strong desire to learn, contribute, and grow.

This is not the type of program you kick back and observe; these Boots are made for walkin! The estimated time requirement for Bootcamp online is 8 to 10 hours weekly and it’s interactive by design. The teaching methods include video lectures, quizzes, group assignments, 4 live webinars with faculty, and 5 live coaching sessions with MIT-certified Bootcamp coaches. The coaches are all graduates of the residential MIT Bootcamp and are seasoned founders and business leaders. See the list of MIT Coaches here.

Yes, there is direct interaction with faculty available during the 4 live webinars and 5 coaching sessions with MIT-certified coaches, who have started their own companies after attending the MIT residential bootcamp. While working with your group, there will be 5 coaching sessions to ensure that you are on track during the program. There will also be an MIT Teaching Assistant guiding you through the program.

One big benefit of this program are the rich learning experiences that come from having access to community of like-minded change-makers around the globe. Once the program starts, we encourage you to scroll though the profiles of your peer Bootcampers to look for synergies. We fully expect that cofounders will unite and real companies will be formed in the online Bootcamp. However, there are some rules of engagement for this community, which will be shared with all registered participants. You can connect and communicate with other participants through our online learning platform and form interest groups or location-specific groups and interact among those groups. You will also be able to message other participants directly.

As a paid participant, you will have access to the learning platform for one full year from the start date of the program. We encourage you to share your enthusiasm and ideas with others, however access to the learning platform is limited to just yourself.

You can download files of video transcripts, assignment templates, readings, etc. However, the video lectures are only available via video streaming for the one year period following the program start date.

Throughout the program there is a dedicated program support team who are there to provide assistance for you, whether it’s technical in nature or related to the content of the program. The discussion boards are best for asking content-related questions, as it’s moderated by a content expert, whereas the Support tab in the learning platform is best for admin or technical questions.

Yes. There is no minimum work experience required to enroll in Bootcamp.

Yes, you can. This program is especially applicable for those who identify as “entrepreneurs”. The frameworks taught in this program can be applied immediately to your business, whether it already exists or will be formed in the future.

We encourage participants to attend all webinars to take advantage of the live Q&A and participate in the global classroom experience. However, if you can’t make a session live, all sessions are recorded and you can view the session at your convenience.

There is an overall grading process based on performance across the various modules in the program. There is no final exam at the end of the program, however in order to pass and receive the certificate of completion, you must receive a minimum grade of 60%.

MIT is partnering with EMERITUS to create and deliver this program. All the teaching is done by MIT faculty and the certificate is issued by MIT xPro. EMERITUS provides technology and student support. EMERITUS is based in Singapore, with contact centres in the U.S. and in Mumbai, India.

MIT xPRO provides professional development opportunities via online and blended learning courses and programs to individuals, teams and companies across the world. Our goal is to help accelerate the pace of innovation by providing a global community with access to the highest quality professional education. Leveraging the latest learning technologies, MIT xPRO courses and programs are available to individuals, teams or as a component of corporate development initiatives.


Based on feedback from the first cohort of participants, a solo track option was added. However we expect the majority of participants will join the traditional group-based approach. Here are some differences:

  1. In the solo track, you work on your own startup idea or business with intense focus. In the group track, ideas are voted on first by the group, and the winning idea moves ahead.
  2. All Bootcamp participants receive coaching from MIT coaches, however for those taking the solo track, individual coaching sessions are offered whereas in the group track, the coaching session includes your team of 5 individuals, thus offering more opportunities for peer learning.
  3. Since you are working on your own idea in the solo track, you will do your own market research to understand the potential of your idea in the market. In the group track, you will conduct market research as a team, leveraging skills from the rest of the team to get further down the path of proof of concept.

In short, if you are unsure which track is the best option for you, contact your program advisor who can help you decide and share some examples from previous programs.

Here are some reasons:

  1. You might want to protect your idea from being exposed to a broader group. Although ideas may seem intrinsically valuable, execution is the key to any venture creation effort.
  2. You have a business and can benefit from applying all the learnings from this program in your business.


The fee is $2,950 for the normal group track and $4,300 for the solo track and is payable in USD.

Payment can be done online through Credit/Debit Card: Visa, Mastercard, Amex.

Yes. There are payment options.

The Flexible payment option allows a student to pay the course fee in installments. This option is made available in the application form and should be selected before making the payment.

The following payment options are available for the MIT Entrepreneurship Online Bootcamp program:

Pay in Full

  • Pay the entire course fee of $2,950 at once.

Pay in 2 installments

  • The first installment of $1,132 would be due immediately.
  • The second installment of $1,847 will be charged on June 30, 2018.

Pay in 3 installments

  • The first installment of $1,124 would be due immediately.
  • The second installment of $1,124 will be charged on June 30, 2018.
  • The third installment of $790 will be charged on July 28, 2018.

Our policy is that we want you to be completely certain that this is the right learning experience for you. To that end, the refund policy is that registered participants are entitled to a 100% refund if withdrawal is made within the first two weeks. Most programs start with week zero as a “set up” session, which does not count; withdrawal can be made within the first two weeks for a refund issued back to the original credit card. You may be responsible for admin/exchange fees from your bank.


You will get a certificate of completion.

No. You will get a digital verified certificate on completion of the program.